The 11th Trial

The Crossroads

As they left the hidden valley or Rawr behind them, our brave People arrived at the Crossroads. A raggedy inn was manned by a group of Little People, and two groups arrive there before them. Was, led by a serious warrior named Dumak, was heading to Portor. Dumak preferred to travel in a group, so he offered the group to join them. The second group was headed by a fat ogre called Gezz, who was also planning to travel to Portor, but before he did, he wanted to retrieve a marvelous flying monkey that a Wyvarn Queen stole from him. He offered to help the group on their quest, if they retrieve the monkey.

Manning up, the People tracked down the Wyvarn Queen and slew her – but lost their leading man in the process. They also procured a nice looking axe for Morad…

Back at the Crossroads, they buried the Maoz, and decided to split up. The dream-whisperer and Secret-weaver would continue to Portor, to try and learn more about the Red Dragon and his army; the four main guys (Drom, Morad, Godar and Deem) would continue with Gezz’s friend, Zusermann, to his family’s home, Starfall. Starfall is near the kingdoms of the dwarves, and could potentially help them get in touch with them.

During the week’s travel to Starfall, the group noticed they were still being followed by the strange flying beast that followed the ancient mountain lizard they killed a few weeks back. They also fought some re-animated drowned people, and failed to recover a powerful evil magical artifact that was doing the re-animation. When they arrived at Starfall, they found that Lord Zuser, Zusermann’s father, wasn’t all that happy that his son preferred to study magic for 12 years instead of staying home. Zusermann learned his older brother, Dormann, left Starfall and that he must be his father’s heir. Lord Zuser’s brother, Daor, who serves as the castle’s castellan. Daor agreed to help the four People, and traveled with them to a small waystation called Emberhouse. There they were hoping to meet some dwarves.

Instead of Dwarves, they found something else. It seems a while back, an unknown entity, later they learned it was a magician called Pal Or-Pal, found Emberhouse in his quest to locate a magical ruby that was hidden there. He broke into Emberhouse, killed some of the dwarves that were there, and started looking for the ruby. He was interrupted by a powerful magician who showed up with another powerful creature made of elemental fire, who killed a second group of dwarves who came to help their brethren. The second, unknown, magician was able to find and break open a secret door, behind which was hidden the magical ruby, and a strange room with 12 magical portals – one of which was now open.

In Emberhouse they also found Sparky. A short naked 600-year old demon, trapped inside a force-field, who wants his freedom. He made a deal with Godar, who should work for his release.

Now the group is going back to Emberhouse, to let Lord Zuser know of the terrible things that have occured, to bring Zusermann so he’ll release Sparky, and then to jump through the open portal into places unknown…

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Story So Far
Like session 0

The Valley of Rawr was relatively peaceful for many years; the seven tribes lived in harmony and prospered. They kept the Seven Laws and honored the Ten Trials, and their leaders were strong and brave. For the most part.

In the final months of the Growing Season, a strange calm came over the valley. Merchants from the South became scarce, and raiding stopped for over a month. Then the strange invaders came, red skinned and carrying unfamiliar magics with them. At the same time, two young bucks found a magical horn, that might be the key to these strange events…


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